I was doing some research on ethical cleaning products last week. All well and good and lots of great info out there, but each recommended item was a different brand - Ecozone for dishwasher tablets, Bio D for kitchen sanitiser spray etc. - so I would have had to order them separately from different sites. Surely there must be a better way? And the answer to that is yes, there is. Some cunning use of google (typing in 'ethical supermarkets') sure enough brought up this amazing brand, ethical superstore. How did I not know about this before (maybe they need some marketing advice)?
Their vision is to help people make ethical shopping choices by bringing together products sourced from all over the world that hold ethical credentials. If you can wait five days and spend over £50 then it's free delivery, all packaging fully recyclable and there's even an optional £1 donation to offset the carbon emissions.
I ordered all my ethical cleaning products which came to £62.22, got the free delivery, paid my extra £1 carbon offset, and five days later it arrived as promised. Top work ethical superstore, I'll be looking at what else I can get from you over the coming weeks. 
Go to their website to have a look for yourself


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